New Bible orientated curriculum will help the children reach their full potential

23 year old Becca Schafer moved from her home in Indiana with a vision to change the lives of disabled children. With a degree in psychology, a certificate in disability ministry and a thesis dedicated to disability in developing nations, Becca wanted to create a curriculum that would put her background to good use.

After learning about the children, Becca began to create lessons that would cater for each child’s physical and mental needs.  The curriculum consists of a story based activity, a sensory activity and a project for the children to try.

The new ‘discipleship series’ as she calls it, will combine cognitive, spiritual, emotional and physical development through Biblical stories with the aim to get the children into education.

The curriculum which caters for all of the children from 2-8 years old, will be broken down into chapters of the Bible, starting with Genesis. Each unit will be covered over the course of one or two weeks.

10997131_10205477326066874_1844381907_nHere is an example of how the curriculum works. During the first unit, the children were told the story of how God created the fish and the birds.

“We then played a fishing game, I made to catch fish (gross motor skill practice) and I made the fish different colours so that kids would try to catch a “red fish” to help them learn the colours.” Becca explains.

So where did this idea begin? Becca had been teaching Hope Home orphan, Garfield to count and noticed his enthusiasm towards this compared with other physical areas of development.

“For a kid who wasn’t excited about doing his physical therapy or really working, he would get SO EXCITED by songs, stories, and games.” Becca explains.

She searched for resources and contacted several professors and heads of disability ministries from America, however there were no materials for this specific purpose.

 “I want to see our kids develop to their full potential, but I also want to share the things we’re learning and developing with whoever wants so that they can help other kids with special needs as well.”

All of Becca’s lessons will be available on our Disability discipleship resources page.

 Donate to Hope Home and help fund development exercises like this.

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