Playful baby boy with downs syndrome is great for staff morale.



Tadpole came to Hope Home when he was one and a quarter and one year later is becoming a very mobile child.

He was one of a twin but his twin was rushed to intensive care after birth and died at three months old. After that, Tadpole’s mother signed him over with the feeling that she couldn’t manage a disabled child.

“When we fetched him from the orphanage, we knew he was clearly very able.”

He sits, eats well, stands and recently started walking. He is now feeding himself and starting to talk “he makes lots of appropriate sounds, he can even say his name!”

“Hopefully before long he will be in a family home and will blossom.” Judy describes him as very cute, very mobile and very ‘into everything.’

“It’s nice to have a child like Tadpole who you can actually see develop, rather than some of the children when you can work for a year and not really see much progress, I think for the staff morale it’s pretty good.”

Donate today and help Tadpole progress!

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