Hope Home readies children for family life, socially and educationally.

Kaew at his current school

Kaew’s story.
 “Kaew’s very happy at school. Ripe for living in a family.”

Kaew is an eight year old boy with two thumbs, autism and half an ear. Hope Home found Kaew at the local orphanage of Chiang Mai, Vieng Ping and took him in when he was one.

When he arrived he could not speak and had terrible mood swings. Now Kaew uses sign language and tries hard to communicate using the speech he has developed at Hope Home.

Once settled, Judy organised for Kaew to attend a nursery for able bodied children.

“He didn’t handle it very well and they asked when I was moving him onto another school.”

He began at another school that had extra staff catering for special needs children.

“He managed a couple of terms, then I was asked to move him on.”

Kaew now enjoys and thrives at a special unit where he is learning the basics as well as social skills.

“They haven’t asked me to move him on yet!”

During the week, Kaew comes over to Judy’s house opposite Hope Home for tea.

“He does really well, learning to sit at a table and use a knife and fork. He really is ready for living in a family.”

Judy and the staff at Hope Home have loved and taught Kaew since he was a baby. Everything he knows, from feeding himself, toilet training to socialising is all thanks to the wonderful care provided at Hope Home.

In terms of developing Kaew further, Judy is predominately working on his behaviour and social skills to make Don more adoptable. They ensure he is given his medicine, “it’s only for his allergies, he loves to play with the cats!”

Kaew has made other friends at Hope Home too. Eight year old, Wentha arrived at Hope Home at the same time and grew up with Kaew.

“They play like brother and sister, which means sometimes they play nicely and sometimes they wind each other up.”

paradon and nat
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