Baby with Down Syndrome who was abandoned outside Chiang Mai orphanage given a life at Hope Home.

LeLe’s story
“All the paperwork is there for adoption. Birth certificate and disabled card all sorted.”
The nameless baby was left outside Vieng Ping orphanage with nothing. They guessed the abandoned baby to be about four months old.

“No guess as to who his parents are, no name, no date of birth, no nothing.” At eight months old, LeLe was taken in by Hope Home and is now walking, climbing everywhere and feeding himself.

“He giggles and laughs, but doesn’t make appropriate noises.” One of LeLe’s eyes sees short distance and the other long distance and so “he tends to bump into things. We are in the process of getting him special glasses.”

He attends a special school that helps with his concentration and gross motor skills.  At Hope Home they are currently working on his hand eye coordination, balance and potty training.

“We taught him to feed himself, that was hard, he was stubborn enough not to want to do it and I was stubborn enough to want him to.”

Judy says he says he is very mobile, loveable, and likes to explore Hope Home’s play area. He loves to be held, jump and spin around, “normal three year old things really. Everyone falls in love with LeLe.”

LeLe was almost adopted, however it fell through because the ‘father’ was under 25. “They are choosing not to see him now because it hurts too much to see him and know it’s not happening.”

“He is active, determined and loveable.”


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