Thank You DSG-Baby Love!

Hope Home has long been blessed by the generosity of supporters from around the world. We truly rely on the donations of individuals and organizations to continue providing high quality care for our children. This month we have been especially blessed by DSG International for their donation of 15 boxes of nappies! That’s over 1,000 nappies that will keep our kids clean and dry for quite awhile!

IMG_6536Nappies for the children can be a large expense of our monthly budget, and the kids need them especially in order to go on outings in community without having to worry about bladder control issues. The children and staff love being able to go to physio therapy, hydrotherapy, school, and church on a regular basis as well as other special events. We are very excited to have this donation to help support our daily care of the children!

IMG_6880LeLe can’t believe these are ALL for us! Though the staff may be the most excited around our house for this blessing, the kids did have a lot of fun watching the truck pull up, drop off the nappies, and then drive off as well! Thank you DSG-Baby Love for the donation as well as the exciting experience!

Birthday Excitement

With seven residential kids and more in the foster or respite care programs, we get the opportunity to celebrate a lot of birthdays throughout the year! It is our desire for each child to know they are special. Special because God made them and special because of the place they hold in our hearts! This love is shown year round through actions, words, and deeds but at least once every year each child gets a big reminder of just how special they are! 

In September we have a total of 4 children with birthdays, and even more staff, so this year we decided to have an extra special party! 

  Wentaa is a former resident now living with her permanent foster family down the street! She had an absolute blast at her 9th birthday party!!

  Dontrii is celebrating his fourth birthday this month and was a HUGE fan of the cake! Maybe too much of a fan….

 Little Guy is turning one and had a blast playing, eating, opening presents, and of course trying a bit of cake! 

  Last but certainly not least we celebrated Garfields 11th birthday! He may be in Bangkok and therefore unable to attend but we used this stuffed animal in his place and hope he knows he was celebrated from afar! 
Overall, it was a night of great food, dancing, and just good old-fashioned family fun! How will we celebrate in October? We can only wait to see, but for now we celebrate our September birthdays and pray that God would bless each one with a year of joy, growth, and experience of His love. 

Mother’s Day at Hope Home

Thailand celebrates Mother’s Day on August 12th as it is the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, or the mother of all Thai people. As it is an extremely important day in the year, Hope Home comes together to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen Mother as well as the many “Mee” (or mothers) that selflessly give of themselves and their time to each of the Hope Home kids everyday. While many people might see the children at Hope Home as “motherless” these women step up daily and love each child like their own. Our celebrations were complete with a poster the children helped to create, special pizza treat, and lots of pictures!

The celebrations continued past the actual day and into the weekend as we were able to join in a special event with friends in the community. Hope Home children and staff as well as a foster family and representatives from the local Social Welfare office came to a Mother’s Day program where the concept of “Motherhood” was discussed and those present were challenged to think about how one can still be a mother without being a biological mother. It is our hope that this was a valuable time in which community members became aware of the opportunity it is to foster a child.


Hope Home children and staff were also able to present a special performance for the audience! The children performed “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” in both Thai and English, “The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock” in Thai and other songs the children enjoy along with motions. It was a big hit for everyone in attendance and we are hopeful that this is one more step in advocating that all children have special talents and abilities!


In conclusion, everyone was able to plant a Thai Jasmine flower or “dok mali” in a small group. This flower is the traditional flower of Mother’s Day and the Hope Home kids and mothers had a blast planting their own flowers and can’t wait to watch them grow over the next year!


Welcome Little Guy! 

Last week we were able to welcome the newest member of our Hope Home family! This little guy is 9 months old and has a diagnosis of Tracheomalacia. After having spent the first part of his life in hospital we are excited to have him in our home! 

As one can tell from these pictures, Little Guy is already adored by all of our family! As the littlest brother he’s likely to be a bit spoiled but we are guessing lots of fun is ahead! 

Currently, Little Guy needs quite a bit of extra care from trachea cleanings to a careful monitoring of his environment to keep him safe and we are blessed to provide for him in this way! His condition is one that with proper care and development the trachea could be reversed around age two! Our hope for Little Guy is to help him get that care and find the loving and supportive adoptive family God has planned for him! 

Keeping families together

Smile’s family has been around the Hope Home neighbourhood and ministries for quite some time. The family has participated in many Hope Home activities, outings, and just spending time with us weekly. When Smile’s mum came to Hope Home recently to report the family had encountered hard times and she was unsure how to work and still take care of Smile; the Hope Home was excited to help! 

We are truly blessed to support Smile’s family. Her mum helps at Hope Home and is able to bring Smile, her younger sister, and another relative with her! This has enabled the family to stay together and to prosper together as well! It also enabled Smile to get specialised development services through the Hope Home Education Centre. Recently, with the help of Hope Home, Smile was accepted into the local government special education center! This time riding along with Hope Home children in staff who study at the same center has made this opportunity a reality! 

Hope Home is excited to come alongside families and support them in keeping their families together and strong even with the extra challenges of navigating disability services, doctors appointments, and more! 

Empowerment at Hope Home: Kame’s Story


Kame was brought to the Hope Home through the government orphanage after her young mum decided she could no longer care for her complex needs. At two years old she already had numerous hospitalizations, a medication that her mum could not afford, and a strict diet that the young mum could neither understand nor keep consistent with her limited resources. Out of love for her daughter, Kame’s mum decided to temporarily sign her over the Office of Social Welfare and eventually decided she was not capable of caring for Kame in the way she needed.

When Kame was transferred to Hope Home by the Office of Social Welfare she was quiet, rather expressionless, and would stay anywhere she was placed whether sitting, standing, or lying down. Part of this could be attributed to adjustment to a new place, but much of it was in fact the result of her untreated disability. Within three days she had to be hospitalized again as she had been without her medication for five months.

IMG_7405Since returning from hospital, Kame has begun making great strides in her development and now six months later she can definitely not be described as “expressionless” anymore. This blossoming almost three year old is now walking, running, climbing the ladder on the playground, completing jigsaws, saying some words, and keeping the boys (especially Tadpole and LeLe) in line! Kame is even helping take her own blood sugars, though she does not know what those numbers mean yet! These are tasks we did not think would come about so quickly and it has been incredible to watch her develop! With the proper medical care in a supportive and rich environment Kame should develop typically and her slow development to this point should be reversed.

IMG_1835Hope Home is working to help Kame achieve developmental milestones, maintain her health, and complete all paperwork which will complete her eligibility for adoption. We thank a sponsor in the UK for the financial support of Kame’s medical costs and all those around the world who have partnered for this special girl in prayer!

Hope Home exists to bring out the power and abilities of each child and family in our care. We rejoice in how this has come to fruition in Kame’s life and look forward to seeing more life transformation in her life, and in the lives of others!

Education and Development Centre to Help Children with Disabilities Realise their Full Potential

Hope Home is always seeking to grow and enhance the development of our children. The most recent advancement made in our home has been the renovation of the stalls in our backyard to become a new Education & Development Centre for our children and other children with disabilities in the community! Thanks to a grant from the Reach Foundation and the hard working volunteers from BMS Action Team our stable has gone from this storage space…


To this engaging Winnie-the-Pooh classroom environment…

IMG_8838From day one this has been a family affair, bringing in funds from our global family, the volunteer labor from extended family members, and of course lots of help from our immediate Hope Home family as well! It was great vocational practice for Chaay and we were very excited to see the very hope and purpose behind these walls to begin even in their renovation!

IMG_8445_2 IMG_8488

We have all enjoyed creating this new and exciting space, filling it’s walls with educational materials, and now using it to help give each of our children a better chance at a prosperous future. In Thailand, education is challenging and for many of our children there is not an appropriate option for them. Our hope is for this centre to be a place to develop the skills they need to proceed into formal education environments whether the government special education centres, schools, or private vocational centres!

IMG_8845Children and staff have already been utilizing this new centre and having a fun time learning important lessons that will enhance their physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development! Every child deserves the best start to their education and their future and we cannot wait to see how that unfolds in our new centre!